Quilting is an art form. Like all art forms, conventions and traditions develop over a period of years giving definition and structure to that form. Block quilting evolved because it is easier to work on smaller squares and put them together to form a pattern than work on one large piece.  Conventional block patterns include Lob Cabin, Nine Patch, Cathedral, and Double Wedding Ring…all of which when put together form one large repeating pattern. But I prefer my blocks to be individual works put together showing a common theme or telling a story.  

My Birds Wear Hats is my kind of quilt.

Quilt Blocks



I love birds!!!  My birds have names like Millie and Tillie and Maude and Girly Bird...and they all have hats!!!  God's little acre is stitched into a 12 square quilt I call "My Birds Wear Hats".  

In this wondrous and whimsical world you will find hand applique, wool applique, silk ribbon embroidery plus many other hand stitched embellishments.  

Twelve 8" square blocks and a meandering vine applique border make up a 36" by 46" quilt filled with fun and whimsy. Magical birds wearing uniquely designed hats make for a fun and challenging quilting experience....and sneaking up in one very special square....a very curious and very persistent cat…maybe looking for a quilt of her own!!