Blue Work in My Basket

Blue work embroidery shares the same history as red work.  A few decades after Turkey changed the stitching world with its colorfast red thread, an indigo thread appeared with the same colorfast qualities.  In the early 1900’s penny squares in blue appeared with more threads available with even better colorfast qualities. My collection of Red Work stitching spans about 100 years including a baby blanket and a beautiful Sunday School sampler. But I love the look of Blue Work and decided to make a small quilt demonstrating different stitching techniques. I used pictures of cute animals including an owl and a bunny on this charming little quilt.

Instead of doing a plain backstitch, I used a “twilling” stitch also known as a Palestrina stitch. It is a knotted stitch that adds texture and character to each block. I also included a stem stitch and chain stitch.  My students are always encouraged to think outside of the box.  This is a great way to do just that!!  This sampler quilt consists of 12 blocks.  Work on a square each night before going to bed.  It’s amazing what can be done working on a project for a few minutes every day.  Embroidery meets quilting! My two favorite things!  Challenge yourself and do some today.  Check out my Blue Work critters.



By Ginger Mangie