New Year's and Your Creative Space

Happy New Year fellow Stitchers.   I love the holiday season and enjoy the decorations.  But it always feels good to put things away and start the New Year fresh.  One comment I always hear from my fellow quilters is the need to “get organized.”  That is a resolution that is seldom kept.  We constantly strive for the feeling of organization, but never achieve it.  


As a high school teacher for over 35 years I learned that a messy desk meant you were actually doing something!! Creative projects and neat classrooms do not go hand in hand. The same goes for my basement workroom (No…I don’t classify it as a studio).  It is my area to create.  Nobody goes down there but me.  



My husband does an occasional pass through but only seldom.  He makes it a point to avoid it at all costs.  His comment is always the same.   “How do you find anything in this mess?” What he doesn’t understand is that I know where everything is.  Only when I clean it do I lose things.  A curt “mind your own business” usually takes care of the problem!!


My New Year’s wish for all of my friends is to enjoy your sewing space…your creative space.  I am blessed to have the time and energy to design my fun projects.  I doubt if anybody on their deathbed says they wished they would have cleaned more!!!  The mess will still be there tomorrow if you are so inclined.


By: Ginger Mangie