All of Ginger's creations are original designs.  When it comes to expression, Ginger believes  if some is good, more is better!!  Fun, whimsy and craftsmanship are the hallmarks of her creations.  Even more exciting, they are often made with things and remnants from around her house.  All teachable projects to those who want to express themselves through embellishment.   



Gallery of

Quilt Designs

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Flower & Bee Quilt

Christmas Angels Runner

Flower Quilt

Christmas Block Quilt

Flower Pot Quilt

Kissie Face Quilt

Award Winning

Family Quilt

Ohio Presidents Quilt

Republican Presidents


Quilt Blocks and Misc:

Snowman Block

Butterfly Block

Mermaid Block

Christmas Naughty

Wall Hanging


Vintage Purse

Neck Tie Purse

Angel Pillows