Lectures and Programs 2017

What's In the Bag?


Women's role in society told through the purses they carried.  Lecture and Trunk Show.


Ohio Mother of Presidents


Features the NQA award winning quilt Ohio Mother of Presidents and how it was developed. A fascinating walk through Ohio's dynamic history and the national leaders born in our state.


Sewing Your Story


Featuring Ginger’s award winning Family Heritage Quilt. has nothing on touching and feeling your family history in your hands.  Learn how to tell your family’s story with needle arts while creating a family heirloom for the generations.  Also included is an beautiful Pocket/Friendship Quilt detailing how to memorialize friendships or group interactions within clubs…and great way to remember good times and old friends.  


What's in Grandma's Sewing Box?  

Lecture and Trunk Show featuring forty different items that would have been found in your Grandma's sewing box.  How many do you have? How many do you still use? Includes items and needlework pieces from 1920-1971.


Americana 2017


Featuring Ginger’s Award Winning Presidential Quilts (Republican and Democrat).  Includes interesting, fun and scandalous anecdotes about our American Presidents and their Wives as well as how these magnificent quilts came together in one of the most tumultuous election periods in recent history.  


Embellish with Relish


A Trunk Show of small projects featuring a multitude of original embellishment techniques, strategies and ideas.  Get in touch with your inner-creative.


My Version of a Wedding Quilt  (Available October 2017)


A marriage may last forever…or not.   But the wedding dress will always live on. You don’t have to throw the dress out with the husband!!  Use it in a quilt.  Seriously, this quilt incorporates a 1940’s wedding dress and accessories in a lasting memory. Included is Ginger’s family collection of wedding dresses going back to the 1920’s as well as commentary as how wedding dresses have changed over the years.